With our high quality machines and proven process, we can turn any worn wood floor into a work of art. Over time hardwood floors get scratched and damaged. Sanding and refinishing can bring back the initial beauty of your floors.

Hardwood Floor Sanding

floor sanding
Our high-quality dustless machines are designed to strip off the old finish with all of its scratches and imperfections to prepare the floors for the refinishing process. We sand all types of hardwood floors and even have flooring solutions for cork flooring.


Hardwood Floor Refinishing

We use only the best primer and polyurethane on your floors. We only use professional grade oil-based chemicals on all floors unless you prefer water-based chemicals. We will stain your floors any shade you desire and will give you a high-gloss, gloss, or satin finish based on your liking.


Hardwood Floor Screening

floor buffing
Every floor does not need a complete sanding, especially if it was refinished within the last several years, has not been overly scratched, and has not been waxed. In these cases, we offer screening. This process involves removing the top layer and reapplying polyurethane. The results will look the same as if you went through the regular sanding and refinishing process, but in less time and for less money.


Hardwood Floor Repairs and Installation

hardwood installation
We can handle any minor wood repair such as replacing boards, adding saddles, and stopping squeaks. In order to find out how we can help you in this area, feel free to contact us.